Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Report / Shred Conditions

Monday 4:30am to 6:00am:
The Party Van is very happy to report EXCELLENT shred conditions. There has been little or no increase in base. But at 16 degrees Fahrenheit the snow has a glorious layer of ice beneath it, begging to be exposed. The Party Van discovered this immediately upon entering a small church lot, just to test the situation. After painting a few spirals, it was a unanimous decision (between The Driver and The Party Van) to seek more acreage. We both were thinking of the same place, a high school parking lot that we had not shredded in a long time. Throughout the short journey, The Driver was praying to Boreas  that the next destination would share the same attributes as the last. We crest the final hill, and the lot is revealed to us in all it's glory. A pristine blanket covered the entire panorama. Not a single bald spot, or track lay in our path. With a punch of the throttle, The Party Van leaves the wet street and burns into virgin territory. What followed was 70 straight minutes of spinning, skidding, drifting, and technical weaving. 

Rape of Orithyia by Boreas


Anonymous said...

A dense fog of gaseous rubber

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

STL BIKE POLO W.K. said...

What's happening in the world of The Party Van?

PARTY VAN!! said...

Do not fear, another post will come soon.