Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magic is in the air, a winter flashback:

Ever so often, when the right sequence of events take place, the thrill of partying materializes and magically floats around those who created it. This can not be seen with the naked eye. It will however enter the bloodstream via the lungs, and a heightened state of euphoria occurs. 

This past winter a lucky Party Van passenger caught this moment in a photograph, a very rare thing indeed. It's one thing to get the magic going, but to also capture the moment in a photo has probably never been done before.

In case your not grasping the rarity of this photo, a panel of experts have studied the picture and found it to be completely authentic. They then met with select persons in the particle physics, and party field. The result was a massive dossier, that now resides in the hands of top scientists.

"This is a new realm we are now entering, with the discovery of these particles and the circumstances in which they exist, we are that much closer to a universal quantum mechanics and thermodynamics standard."
-Stephen Hawking 

"Wow, those guys took it up a notch." 
-Andrew W K

"I've partied  my ass off... but it never lead to any scientific discoveries."
-Dennis Rodman

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A head to head battle!!

Recently, The Driver took a bunch of rowdies on a hellbound journey to Memphis. 
When calculating how much booze we would need for the trip, it was decided we should upgrade to a bigger boat.

I will not try to put into words what kind of Partying happened on that weekend in Memphis. What follows is a comparison between these two Party Vehicles.

Party Van make: Chevy
Party Bus make: Chevy
OK well that one's a draw.

The Party Van has a high center of gravity, and poor suspension. This means cornering at high speeds will throw bodies from side to side, and every bump in the road shakes one to the bone.

The Party Bus is a behemoth with good suspension. This means cornering at high speeds is impossible, and very little of the road is felt by The Driver or passenger.

Winner: The Party Van

Climate Control:
The Party Van has lost all it's coolant. This means windows down in hot weather. Which allows everyone inside to taste the sweet summer air, and everyone outside to hear the 
Thrash/Folk/Black/Death/Power Metal as The Party Van tears by.
The Party Bus has a giant AC unit that can be seen mounted outside the vehicle. This gives the illusion of arctic air being readily available at the turn of a dial. But in fact when you have a bus full of energetic partyers, and blistering heat of summer sun, The Party Bus is only cool at night. 

Winner: The Party Van

The Party Van has on board the heaviest and most evil ipod on the planet. Also, it is usually stocked with a healthy combination of weapons and explosives.

The Party Bus was not equipped with any of these things, and had to be prepped by The Driver. While it did have a DVD player and monitor, we found it difficult to party
and follow the plot of a movie simultaneously.
Winner: The Party Van
Note: The Party Bus does have a card table, so if you're the kind of jerk who want's to play cards on a Party Bus, then this category win would go to The Party Bus.  
So it's probably no surprise The Party Van wins the battle, after all I own it! If I had a Party Bus, I would fix all these shortcomings, and have another string of epic parties!!   
"Shred it while ya got it"
-The Party Van