Friday, January 1, 2010

What is a Party Van?

Party vans were invented approximately in 1960 on Thursday at 8:59pm

    Not knowing the Americans had already done it, a Russian man came up with the idea 10 minutes later.     (for the people of course)

Now we have party vans in many shapes and sizes.

Even the rich people are joining in by one upping the middle class party van.

Some will chose to customize with paint jobs.


Sometimes it's a small party.

Or a long party!

Some like to bring a camera for memories.

Parties of the past.


Parties of the future!

Now that you know what a party van is, this blog will focus on one particular Party Van.

This Party Van is in St Louis, and has been voted best Party Van by everyone in the world. There was one who did not agree with the rest of us, but scientists have found a flaw in his DNA that renders him clueless in critiquing party vans. Research is underway to find a cure for him. If you would like to help, you may send donations at

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