Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don't be fooled by an imposter!!

Today while ripping a shortcut through a parking lot, I saw a van with "Party America" in giant letters on it's side. (Obviously a delivery vehicle for the store of the same name) Feeling a brotherhood vibe, I pulled up next to the bloke loading some goods, and said "Party Van huh, you got any Thrash Metal in there?" He looked at me like he was about to give directions to a junkyard, and I tore off in disgust. "That was no Party Van" I yelled! The experience got me thinking... what other things share the same name, but one is clearly superior.

There's only one Slayer in my world!


Some may have trouble choosing this one. (Not me!)

What creator do you listen to?

Remember when RPG stood for rocket propelled grenade and there were no nerdy role playing games!

Nuff Said!!


Anonymous said...

Fellow Party Van Enthusiast here. Nice looking van appears about 3 minutes in.

DoeHands said...

I have a hard time choosing gonzos.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Gonzo...

Double Live Gonzo!!!

PARTY VAN!! said...

Thrash Metal is as close to Rock N Roll I get, but I enjoyed the pic/album cover of Sweaty Teddy. My favorite is still, and always will be Dr. H.S.T.

Anonymous said...