Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Passenger Etiquette:

"When partying in The Party Van and the Thrash Metal is perfect, you may find yourself compelled to scream aloud and repeatedly punch the ceiling to the beat. You must act on this instinct. To refrain would be considered rude to both The Driver and The Party Van. If acting on the instinct is made difficult by the fact that you are sitting on the floor in the midst of the human crumple zone, you must move. Get atop one of your fellow party-ers, gently use them a human step ladder and pound on the ceiling with vigor."

"In The Party Van every party instinct must be explored with vitality."

-Mr. Awesome


PARTY VAN!! said...

Thanks to Mr. Awesome for submitting this tip.

DoeHands said...

this is why I spit beer in Tiffany's face when we went to the weird naked hot tub party.