Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magic is in the air, a winter flashback:

Ever so often, when the right sequence of events take place, the thrill of partying materializes and magically floats around those who created it. This can not be seen with the naked eye. It will however enter the bloodstream via the lungs, and a heightened state of euphoria occurs. 

This past winter a lucky Party Van passenger caught this moment in a photograph, a very rare thing indeed. It's one thing to get the magic going, but to also capture the moment in a photo has probably never been done before.

In case your not grasping the rarity of this photo, a panel of experts have studied the picture and found it to be completely authentic. They then met with select persons in the particle physics, and party field. The result was a massive dossier, that now resides in the hands of top scientists.

"This is a new realm we are now entering, with the discovery of these particles and the circumstances in which they exist, we are that much closer to a universal quantum mechanics and thermodynamics standard."
-Stephen Hawking 

"Wow, those guys took it up a notch." 
-Andrew W K

"I've partied  my ass off... but it never lead to any scientific discoveries."
-Dennis Rodman


DoeHands said...
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DoeHands said...

I too have a picture from what I believe to be the same evening. Party Van Take OFF!

Anonymous said...

I miss you, party van.

Anonymous said...

I have two picture of the party van I'm keeping top secret.