Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you too old to play with toys?

I remember promising myself I'd play with toys forever, kinda didn't follow through on that one. I do have a Party Van though, so I got that goin' for me... which is nice.


Ben said...

While I fully appreciate The Party Van in it's current, classic form, I can't help but imagine incorporating a few of the ideas from the Ninja Turtles' Party Van into The Party Van.

(Bottlerocket?) Guns mounted to the door frames?

A battling ram?

An eject seat (not that I want to be ejected from The Party Van, but you get my drift).

...Just thinking through the keyboard.

PARTY VAN!! said...

The Driver has many a time had ideas for add-ons such as you mentioned. Yet somehow The Party Van remains in its current state... the lack of a blow torch is a factor I think.

zachary said...

I wanted that ninja turtle van so bad....

Anonymous said...

The pizza-hurling tank was better. Thanks for Party Vanning our drunk asses to the Coal Factory the other night! You're so awesome.
Jenn D

PARTY VAN!! said...

The Party Van loves Coal Factory trips!!